Apply for a Youth Grant

The criteria for the grant are: 

  1. To be considered for funding by the Madison Civics Club, an organization must qualify as a non-profit and include a copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) or equivalent determination letter from the IRS. Organizations affiliated with public schools meet this criteria.
  2. Worthy student-led project that has evidence of student involvement: identifying needs, generating ideas, writing action plans, participation and evaluation.
  3. Community service without political bias 
  4. Relevance of group’s mission to and/or interest in a speaker’s topic

Applications are accepted at any time but no later than three weeks prior to an event:

Saturday, October 6, 2018, for the October 27 meeting with John Gurda
Saturday, October 27, 2018, for the November 17 meeting with Michael Wagner
Saturday,  March 2, 2019, for the March 23 meeting with Jason Fletcher
Saturday, March 23, 2019, for the April 13 meeting with Ritu Bhatnagar

You can apply in several ways:

  • Complete the fillable PDF Youth Grant Application. Save and email or mail the completed application, including signed Assurance Statement to the address below.
  • Complete the Youth Grant Application online. If your group is selected, you will need to provide a hard copy of the signed Assurance Statement, which you can download here
  • Send an email to, in which you include all the information requested on the application form. If your group is selected, you will need to provide a hard copy of the signed Assurance Statement.
  • Print the Youth Grant Application (PDF file), complete it on paper, and mail the completed application, including signed Assurance Statement to:

     Patricia Iaccarino
     4302 Mohawk Dr
     Madison, WI  53711

Awards of up to $500 will be given. If your application is chosen for an award, the club requires that two of your students and an adult chaperone attend the club meeting. Meetings are held on Saturdays, and the group will be at the meeting from the 9:15am reception with the speakers and club members, through the speaker’s question-and-answer period, ending at about 12:00 pm. Please be sure you and your students are aware of the meeting day expectations. Names of the students and chaperones attending and any dietary restrictions with the brunch must be provided to the Youth Grant chair ten days prior to the meeting. 

  1. At the Madison Civics Club meeting when your group is honored, a student will give a one-minute acknowledgment of the grant and briefly state how the funds will be used. This statement will be submitted to the Youth Grant chair one week prior to the meeting in which the group will be honored.
  2. By June 1, 2019, your group will be required to submit a final written report to Madison Civics Club on how the funds received were used. In accordance with IRS rules, this report must include: 
                          Original proposal
                          Summary of exactly how the award was used. 

An old-fashioned hand-written thank you is not required, but is appreciated. 

Madison Civics Club, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
P.O. Box 46472
Madison, WI 53744-6472
(608) 422-3062

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